Proud Member of VisibleVisible

◯ Studio DAD combines design, writing, illustration and music to create identity systems, strategy and extensions﹢editorial, print, social and video content.  ◯ TOC Concert Hall [identity design﹢signage﹢environmental], Treefort Music Festival [installation﹢animation﹢ music],  Oregon Metro [identity design﹢ animation﹢ video﹢ music], Oregon Health & Science University [campaign design﹢ copywriting﹢ environmental﹢ illustration],  Simple Bank [campaign design﹢ copywriting﹢ social content], CrowdStreet [identity design﹢ copywriting﹢ environmental, collateral], NoVo Foundation [digital design﹢ animation﹢ video﹢ music﹢ copywriting﹢ collateral], Borka [identity design], Portland United Against Hate [identity design﹢collateral], Alberta Eye Care [photography﹢social content], Metro Paint [photography﹢ social content] ◯ Tess Donohoe [designer﹢ illustrator], Peter Dean [writer﹢ composer]. We find contradictions in the known, ambiguity in hopelessness and the peculiar in the expected. ╳◯


818 N Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97227